I Don't Get It.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sorry 'bout the crap photos. It's rainy out.

I cancelled a flight for Boss Lady yesterday and took part in the following conversation with a Customer Service Rep (BTW, I think there's a set dialogue she is supposed to say and doesn't really understand what happens herself):

Me: I need to cancel a reservation for a flight tomorrow, Confirmation number BlahBlahBlah.
Her: Okay, we can cancel that for you.
Me: Great. We booked the ticket with miles- what happens with any possible refund?
Her: You will get a refund of the 25,000 miles.
Me: Wonderful- and do I lose the $75 booking fee or is that reunded?
Her: You will get the miles back.
Me: What about the fee?
Her: You will get the fee back, too.
Me: Oh, that's good. So I get a full refund on the miles and the booking fee?
Her: You can use the same confirmation number for another reservation within one year, there's a one year validity on that confirmation number.
Me: Wait, do I get a refund or is it deferred?
Her: You will get the miles refunded, there's a one year validity on the confirmation number.
Me: Those are two different things. May I speak with a manager, I don't get it.
Her: The manager is busy. I can explain it to you.

Um, no you can't. A refund is the opposite of reusing a booking number for another flight. And not wanting to get in trouble for providing poor and confusing customer service is not a good reason to try desperately to avoid putting a customer on the phone with a supervisor.

And that's how I spent the first 45 minutes of my Tuesday.

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