Thursday, March 22, 2012

This sweater is seriously weird. It's 100% Rayon and is incredibly heavy but bouncy due to the fibers and weave. If I try to push up the sleeves, it falls right back down. If I walk rapidly, it shimmies around my arms like a slinky. It's tight, but it hangs loose. It's super-thick with a slick, glossy finish, but prone to snagging. My default is to wear it with jeans during the weekends (which I've done far more times than I've actually shown on the blog) so I thought I'd try it out during the work week. I like how simple and easy this outfit is. Though I should have invested a little more energy in picking out a better (or lighter) set of necklaces. It probably would have required a thrifting trip to look for something good, though.

Another note: Huge thanks to Jergens for the best sunless tanning foam I've ever used (I use their light skin tone version). Just a few short days ago my legs were mucho pasty. This may or may not be the reason I've been wearing pants for many days. (Hint: it totally is)

Skirt: Made in Beijing...Sweater: Calvin Klein, thrifted...Shoes: Calvin Klein via Buffalo Exchange...Necklaces: thrifted...earrings: Banana Republic


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