My Dye-ing Day

Thursday, March 29, 2012

That was literally the worst pun I'm likely to make all year. But, heeeeey, look who has a 'do that's all one color. And who didn't get caught taking photos. And who doesn't have too many bruises on her legs. Win, win, win.

So, the review of my custom hair dye:
I'm not sure if it's my hair or something in the formulation, but the color came out warm toned, even though I ordered a cool light brown. I made notes in my account about the brassy color, so I'll give it one more shot in 12 weeks. But, I will say, the formula was easy to use, they provided a color for my roots/ new growth and a separate one for my ends, it smelled no better or worse than any other dye I've used and my hair feels healthy after use. Which is always a good thing. (BTW, this isn't a sponsored post- just thought you all would enjoy learning about a new company out there)

I'm a little disappointed about my hair turning out the "wrong color" but at least it's still light, has no roots, and looks good, even if it wasn't my intention.

Also, can you believe how short this dress is?! Whoops.

How nice is that packaging??
2" roots, eSalon's "light cool brown" photo, final color on me


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