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Friday, March 2, 2012

My guy is on Spring Break this week, but has worked his butt off instead of doing anything fun. So he and some friends went out of town last night and tonight to a cabin (I think? I don't really know about where he is, dog wasn't invited so I didn't pay attention once I knew the group would be off having fun and I would get to camp with the pup). Anyway, there's talk of board games, cards, hot tubs, good whiskey, and a collection of people with very corny senses of humor. He's in good hands.

And that meant I was aaaaall alone last night and got to pack myself up for camping. I can't even tell you how excited I am to pitch a two-man-tent just for me and the dog, hatchet up some logs, cook stuff on a tiny backpacking propane stove and quietly enjoy fresh air. Aaaand, three days without washing my hair. Is it sad that I'm so pumped for this part?

I'll be scheduling a post for tomorrow a.m. filled with my camping garb, the mess of putting my gear together, and all kinds of other goodies. Check back in for bad jeans and clunky boots, it'll be a thrill- I promise.

Pants: Zara...Top: Zara, thrifted...Sweater: Men's Gap, shrunken and stolen...Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction via Piperlime


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