Computer Troubles

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I am so wiped out today- we had a Dell Computer problem that I tried to fix (DLL kernels or something... What does that meeean?!) and had to call in a specialist... And by specialist, I mean Boss Lady's mah jong friend's son who graciously agreed to help me after I hit a roadblock in the DOS recovery console.

We were here until 9 pm.

And it still wouldn't load.

So I sent him home with the tower so it can take its merry time loading.

Aaaanyway, he did all kinds of DOS look ups and reading through directories and asking the computer to override where it's loading and pulling information from, so I feel a lot less stupid. That's some serious back-door stuff I should never have a reason or need to know.

My stomach has been in knots over this, so I had a fitful night's sleep and pulled on this delightful sweater which has quickly become a grab-and-go favorite. Is it super work appropriate? No, it kind of looks like a sweatshirt. But, with Boss Lady out of town, I didn't really need to look pristine.

I'm getting ready to hit the lake tomorrow. I may post on-the-go, but, more likely I will ignore you all completely. There is the possibility of a few Instagram shots of the goofiness (@KateBMcClure) scattered through the weekend, so check it out (and let me know what your user name is- I love looking though your goodies even if I don't post a ton of my own!).

See you tomorrow for a  brief post before I hit the road!

Pants: Zara...Sweater: Sparkle & Fade via Buffalo Exchange...Shoes: Le SportSac via DSW... Jewelry: Beijing "Dirt Cheap" Market


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