Faux Braided Ponytail Tutorial

Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm leaving for the Lake today, but I wanted to skip off into the weekend having left you all a little hair tutorial (with the non-braided front and high ponytail from last Sunday). I've never done a video before, never done a tutorial, and my cat was hungry. Please pardon all three.

So, join me and the interrupting Eddie and learn how to Faux-plait your hair, secure it using a super-secret bobby pin trick (maybe not- I am posting this for all the internet to see) for a high ponytail. Follow this part up with a bun, sleek ponytail, messy topknot... Whatever you want! It's your show.

Of course, you're absolutely welcome to ask questions- I'm a messy, messy hairstylist and move quickly with a bobby pin (Darn you, ballet bun!) so I'm happy to clarify. 

Have an awesome weekend and don't forget to check my Instagram feed... It's gonna have a lot of music nerds, card games, lake views and pictures of the dark beer flight my friend and I are sampling. @KateBMcClure!


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