My Guy's Orange Show Performance

Monday, April 16, 2012

A smattering of photos from My Guy's performance on Friday night at the Orange Show...

He's in the center of the crowd wearing plaid and is explaining his intentions for experincing the interactive first part of the piece. We were encouraged to walk through the folk art site and experience how the sound changed from space to space- the 11 musicians were scattered throughout and played an excerpts of their part. You heard different combinations and wonderful layers of sound depending on where you were and what instrumentation was near you. 

Flutist at the entrance as we began walking in and horn players on a balcony (I was on a different balcony just above the bass clarinet player). 

After we all spent some time wandering through the site, the musicians filed in and gathered in the drained pool area to perform the piece in its totallity. It was wonderful to hear the groaning notes of the bassoon or the high harmonic notes of the violin mimicked by the metal and moving elements of the Orange Show itself. 

A whirligig and My Guy introducing the electronic piece that was the second work presented. Isn't he handsome?

Celebratory dance party after the concert was over. Our friends are so wonderfully odd. 

My Guy is working on assembling his video and good recordings from the evening- when they're ready, I'll be sure to give you all a link to the videos. 

While getting this performance ready and coming down off the adrenaline high has taken up most of our weekend, we did get quite a lot of purging and Spring Cleaning done today. How was your weekend? Any good stories?

See you tomorrow!


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