One Down...

Friday, April 13, 2012

The day is here! My husband's big-deal, late-night-rehearsal, stress-like-crazy, awesome-experimental concert is happening tonight. Aside from the massive comprehensive exam and dissertation large ensamble/defense, this is the last big degree hurdle to jump during his semesters of coursework for his doctorate degree. My Guy has really worked his butt off and created some wonderful pieces during his time here. I'm extremely proud of his positive outlook, his diligence, his creativity, and his dedication to doing his best (the dude has retained A's in every class except one (a B+) since he entered his freshman year of Undergrad. And he has spent many semesters with many more classes than he was required to take and took on extra projects and responsibilities just to be helpful to friends and faculty.). He's going to wind up doing some interesting things these next few years... (This is his website if you want to take a little listen to some of his work- I recommend "In Steel" "Now Our Grief" and "Natural Selection".)

He even got a preview write up for the performance tonight, which is awesome.

I don't have much to say this morning, but I'll be back tomorrow with pictures and some other goodies from the show!

PS- I must have had my head down every time we left our apartment for the last week... there's Star Jasmine climbing the tree right at the front of the courtyard. And it's AWESOME.

Pants: Gap Slim Crops...Blouse: H&M, thrifted...Sweater: Banana Republic, thrifted...Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction via Piperlime


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