Thursday, April 12, 2012

I know that neither these colors nor the boxy silhouette are the most flattering on me, but it sure is fun to wear a nice loud color combination.

Boss Lady is working on a new landscape plan for her home and I am beyond excited about the bits and pieces of conversation I've heard. She had her third meeting with her architect, who is very sweet and cares very much about getting the right "feel" and addressing all of her safety, function and aesthetic concerns. Personally, I'm mostly excited about trimming back and/or removing the scale-diseased blueberry trees just outside of my office window. My morning light is stunted by them and nothing can grow under them since they sprinkle a disgusting black crumble of yuck over the area (gross, I know), so restoring some visual balance and health back to the garden will be a welcome change. I don't know anything about anything for the rest of the plans, but my boss is super creative, so it will become something really special by the end of the process. I look forward to more construction around here (is that weird?)- the commotion is good fun and makes my workdays pass a little quicker for some reason.

Pants: Zara...Blouse: Mossimo, thrifted...Cardigan: Target...Scarf: via TJ Maxx..Shoes: Naturalizer...Jewelry: thrifted


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