Lonely Weeknights

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So, I'm pretty much alone this week- My Guy is wrapping up details and sitting in on rehearsals for his site-specific recital at the Orange Show in Houston this Friday. First, about the show: it's going to be a new piece written with a Music Box type of inspiration and electronic accompaniment, and two other pieces written in the last few years. High energy, funky, interesting, artistic. I know I have a bias here, but it's going to be a really fascinating show. On top of that, St. Arnolds Brewery is going to do a tasting, there will be a food truck and fantastic people watching. If you're near Houston and are free, hanging out and beer will be going on from 6-8 and the performance begins at 8:00. If you've never been to the Orange Show, it's a must- wonderfully funky and lively.

About my evenings... since he's gone until 11:00 most nights, I spend my time patting the dog on the head, half-heartedly wrapping up alterations or cleaning projects, shifting piles of papers or things needing to be put away from one tabletop to another and forgetting to eat. I really dislike eating alone, so I put off making a meal until 9:50 and then usually go for a strange snack of bare pasta and raw fruits and veggies. Puuuh-thetic.

I look forward to having my husband home regularly and having a reason to make for-real meals. Til then, I'll snack.

Dress: beijing seamstress...Blazer: Banana Republic, thrifted...Belt: thrifted...Shoes: Naturalizer...Necklace: Target...Pearls: Beijing

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