Monday, April 23, 2012

We have a Sunday night ritual. There's a Grad Bar on Rice University's campus called Valhalla. It's grungy, totally a dive bar and sells 5 beers at a time on tap from $.95 to around $2.30 (which is awesome). And they're normally local, boutique or well-loved microbrews. My Guy and I started going every Sunday evening during Bromance's hour-long volunteer (that's how they keep it cheap!) bartending shift. The fun thing is each bartending shift is allowed to play whatever music they want, the vibe of the bar changes from hour to hour based on which volunteer is behind the counter.

Here's the rub- our Sunday ritual has become increasingly popular with the music nerd crew. And louder. And the songs aren't changing from week to week. And I am such an introvert that I can't handle the noise and don't enjoy the same music cycle over and over and don't like that I can't talk to people because the crew is too busy yelling song lyrics... the same as weeks before.

It should be fun because it's a ritual. But, yeesh. Must it be at the decibel level of a sonic jet? Do you have any rituals that that gone a little awry?


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