Week of Lip Gunk, Day Five

Friday, April 6, 2012

Boss Lady and Fam went to the coast for Easter. And I wore jeans to work to celebrate (That's clearly a logical conclusion). Here's some outfit improvement notes for my own future reference:
1. Two skinny belts are cute and fun, but maybe I should consider tightening them the same amount.
2. Dusty heathered sweaters are best worn with a contrasting bottom. I was too afraid to bust out my white crop jeans, but they would have been winners.
3. Pick a tank top that has a low enough neckline to sit below the loose neckline of said amazing heathered sweater- nude boring camisole peeking out is not a good look. And it drastically reduces the number of photos that are any good at all for blog use.

Aaaand to wrap up the Week of Lip Gunk, Day Five: Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Coral Reef. It's a good one- pretty highly pigmented peachy coral color without shimmery crap in it, a strange mixture of being very "there" color and being nicely blendable. I applied too heavily and ended up with gooey peach lips, but after a quick blot and a light second application, this was a lovely fresh color to brighten up my face. It's going to be an eeeeeasy summer favorite. I'm really glad my first excessive application didn't scare me away from this goodie.

Jeans: Gap Always Skinny...Sweater: Sparkle and Fade, via Buffalo Exchange...Belts: Target...Shoes: thrifted...Necklace: Target


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