Week of Lip Gunk, Day Four

Thursday, April 5, 2012

While I'm clearly drawn to more natural looking or just enhanced lipcolors, a pop of color is a good thing every once in a while. Enter the bold pink lip.

Week of Lip Gunk, Day Four: I'm rockin' a cheerful pink with a name that's waaaay off in terms of it's description: L'Oreal Colour Rich "Vagabond Mauve"- there is nothing mauve about this color. It's the lipstick Barbie would wear if she wanted a berry-toned pink for evening. But, it is a nice blue-based color and it works with my skintone, so as far as loud pinks go, it's a good one.

I am really in love with this skirt- it's a lovely light grey tweed, lined, belt loops, pockets, nice hem length. I also seemingly love wearing it with this shirt- last time I went with the weird green snakeskin belt to accessorize. It's barely a change in the outfit, but if there's a nearly 3 month span, one can recycle a look, right?

Skirt: Banana Republic, via Buffalo Exchange...Blouse: Gap, thrifted...Shoes: Nine West via Buffalo Exchange...Belt: Target...Jewelry: Timex and thrifted


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