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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Well, we've made it to Wednesday. Oi, the week is creeping. I suppose that's what I get for hoping that the weekend will arrive quickly (and with it a pool veg with a girlfriend, a real hang-out with My Guy, and likely a lot of napping). Better still- I need to make it to the end of following week for the yearly trip up to the lake house of one of the Composition Studio professors to celebrate the end of the school year with a bunch of ridiculous and silly composition major dudes. (Big win this year- two significant others and one senior lady will be joining. That's THREE WOMEN!) We'll do a lot of lounging, beer sipping, peer ponging, floating in the pool, kayaking, swinging off the 25 foot high trapeze into the lake and enjoying the Prof whipping unsuspecting new master's students off the tube being pulled by a power boat. Several very prevalent inside jokes were formed last year just over this extended weekend trip.

Ten more days. I can make it.

Oh, yeah- side note: I keep trying out new photo settings and locations (Of course it's still just a tour of the carport area...) and I still can't get it right. Overexposed and a little out of focus- I'll get it figured out eventually. (See that red shed in the background? Behind that is the grassy area and the corrugated aluminum wall. I'm clearly a wimp about getting caught by bystanders and not terribly creative with locations.)

Pants: Zara...Tank: Old Navy...Cardigan: Target...Shoes: thrifted...Jewlery: ASOS, Target, J Crew Outlet

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