Art Car Recap

Monday, May 14, 2012

Art Car was absolutely amazing this year. It was the 25th anniversary and people brought back and fixed up some classics and really outdid themselves in creating new cars. Below are a few of my crappy shots of some amazing cars, but you can click here or here to link to sites that will be putting up more of their own goodies theses next few days.

It was a really close call regarding weather this year- scattered storms were in the forecast from Wednesday through Sunday. We had the preview party "Art Car Ball" on Thursday night and the rain let loose at about 11:02 pm. Rain and crazy lightning and thunder (really, really strong and near lightning) came down Friday night about 7 minutes after we made it to the car after the Preview at a downtown park. One lightning crack was so big and so close at around 3:00 am that my guy jolted out of his sleep and lept to cover me from whatever his dream state thought was out to get us. Rain and storms blew over by about 7:00 am, cars lined up and were judged at about 8:30 am and the parade rolled at 1:00 under clear blue skies. Wood pallets were placed over walkways that were on low ground, but there was a modest amount of mud and every guest I ran into said they were just so happy and pleased with the quality of cars and the energy of the crowd that they didn't even mind the mud.

I call that a big fat win.


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