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Friday, June 1, 2012

That moment when you realize it is, indeed, Friday- magical. I had a heckuva hard time making it through this week with a consistant smile on my face. I'm helping a friend of a friend with a Gallery event tomorrow from 3-8, but I just don't think it's even going to feel like a burden. And I spent major hours last night rifiling through my wardrobe and did some major sorting, so I don't have to do anything other than relax the rest of the weekend. My clothing isn't as thinned out as I'd like, but I am so fearful if I really do a harsh purge, I'll end up chucking some things I truly do like for the sake of Houston climate... and I'll wind up in the middle of the Colorado Rockies or North Dakota plains with no winter clothes after our next move. I'll cling to it for another year and re-evaluate after we know something a little more concrete about where we'll be next. Even knowing where my guy might get interviews will help.

And about this skirt: I dyed, stamped and prepared this fabric during my senior year of college while I was taking a fibers class and this skirt was my final project, meant to blend a more tribal print inspired by African stamped fabrics and a sleek, modern silhouette. My grandmother helped me read the pattern and piece it together, but the intention was to learn a few new techniques including stamp production and dye removal (the pattern was created by stamping a color removing agent). And it's a heavy weight single ply silk. Which never wrinkles. And is the perfect fabric for Houston humidity. Win.

Happy Friday, you all. Thanks for helping me make it through this grump of a week. I really do appreciate the positive nature of this online community!


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