MIA... For Two Darn Good Reasons

Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm still up in Ohio for the family visit and parties (I've consumed my weight in cheeseball and crackers, fruit salad, shrimp cocktail... I don't need to tell you about the rest) and we are packing really meaningful visits in with aunts and uncles and the couple of friends who are probably stuck with us for life.

There's also some of this going on, which is awesome:

The Big Darn Deal of today is that style chameleon Sarah over at Just Take a Bow is in the midst of presenting a series she's calling "JTAB University" and asked me to contribute a "lesson" on Effortless Style. Aaaand it's probably not what you were expecting. If you aren't already following her blog, you'll really be missing out on 1. A consistantly fun stream of stories 2. An enormously helpful series to help guide your wardrobe and styling habits and 3. Drool-worthy daily looks ranging from Glam Rocker to Thrift Goddess Chic. Yeah, it's really good stuff.

So, come on over and check out my little nuggets of fashion wisdom (that's the most ridiculous thing I've written in a long time) and join Sarah for the of the series (Don't miss her shopping tips, they were absolutely amazing and endlessly helpful. And Color Theory?! A girl after my own heart). And pleeeeease keep checking in on this amazing resource because a few of our favorite bloggers are already tapped to contribute, too (I'm looking at you, Audrey and Kristine... Can't wait!).


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