Back in Town and Linking Up

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jeans: Gap Always Skinny...Tank: J Crew...Cardigan: Target...Scarf: thrifted...Shoes: Nine West Outlet...Earrings: Banana Republic

Three points of business today:
1. Marion is hosting another Trend of the Month Link Up: Pattern Mixing. Participate? Yes, please. (In stripes, floral and leopard. I'm clearly an overachiever.) And you can join, too! Links can get added for several more days.
2. Elaine put out a call on Twitter a while ago for guest posts... and I can't believe she let me have a go at it! What an honor to be in the Clothed Much guest line-up! Take a peek at my tips and tricks for dressing in high heat and humidity.
3. Pleated Poppy What I Wore Wednesday... of course I'm on board!

Okay, 4. Just thought I should share that I cried like a faucet on five separate occasions yesterday while I said goodbye to my family. And I'm not even ashamed. My nose was still puffy and red even after I made my way through security after holding my dad's hand for a while in the ticketing area. And then I cried again in the bathroom. My family is awesome, I miss them all like mad and 5 days wasn't enough real time together. It was amazingly well-used time together, but it wasn't enough.

So, a here's a mish-mash of photos from the family weekend.


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