Weekend, the Good and the Bad

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekends have been weird. I know I've chattered about pretty much nothing but my Guy being at school forever and ever amen to study for his comprehensive exams, but it's been pretty all-consuming for our little family. I keep reminding him of how awesome I am, I don't get whiney or moan about his absence, I've given him a pretty free pass to avoid chores for a while.

So, the logical next step is go to gallery openings to support a friend and meet up with new-to-me blogger friends who are no longer blogging. Duh.

Katie and I each wiggled into a fun little something (my light graphic tee and skirt) and went down to the Lawndale Arts Center to soak up a little culture and do some people watching. We met up with another friend and her girlfriend (who works for Lawndale and gave us a few fun tidbits about the artists and the installations. Katie and I went out together to stuff ourselves with some tasty TexMex (poblano corn chowder is really dang tasty). Not a bad Friday, at all. Saturday, my Guy and I had a leisurely morning, and at noon, POOF, he was gone to study again (until 10:30, poor thing). I made a lunch date with Natalie, who is a recent Houston transplant. She's just as lovely in person as she comes across in her blog (on an indefinite hiatus, lots of life stuff going on!) and we had a really nice time telling stories back and forth, stuffing our faces, talking about food and restaurants. I look forward to spending more time getting to know her.

Sunday: tragedy strikes. I think Eddie is on a once-a-year medical-issue schedule. She started showing symptoms of a feline urinary tract infection part way through Saturday and we knew better than to wait until Monday, so we found a vet with Sunday hours and took her in. Poor kitty had to make a 45 minute drive and get stranded for the day (they loaded her up with liquids so they could use a needle to get a sample. My heart aches for her). She's on antibiotics and on the mend, but her bloodwork showed high sugar, meaning my poor cat is borderline diabetic. Low carb diet for now, lots of fresh water, and we'll get more details from our normal vet when she goes in for shots in September, I hope just swapping food will manage the symptoms. I forget that she's getting older- she's so darn tiny and has such a sweet, young face, she doesn't look at all like a 9-year-old cat. I've had her almost as long as my Guy and I have been together.

I also noticed that my heart aches a lot more for her when she has emergent medical stuff than it does for the dog (who is far more frequently and fervently a turd/jerk). Does that happen with kids?


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