Shopping for Stripes

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dress: ASOS...Belt: Target...Shoes: J Jill via Buffalo Exchange...Necklace: J Crew...Umbrella: Target...Food Baby: c/o too much coffee and oatmeal

Rain, rain, rain. We've needed it, so I'm glad it came, but geez, with the amount of moisture that's been in the air, just waiting, I'm shocked it didn't downpour way sooner. I'm also shocked I haven't needed to evolve and develop gills to survive the soupy air.

Did anyone else fall in love with Sydney's striped t-shirt dress and stalk it like mad, waiting for a good sale and a good coupon? I do maybe two online shopping excursions in any given year (this and my Target skirt new color ordering fill the quota) so it's got to be a really special item for me to click "Add to Cart." Worn with minimal extras, it's awesome for summertime, but I saw a lot of potential for wearing a simple cream or tan sweater with boots, my grey pleated skirt and a cardigan, preppy navy blazer, maroon tights and cardigan, a deep juniper green pairing for the holidays... it's going to be a good one.

Well, that was a wonderfully mindless and shallow post. BTW, hope you know about Marion (who is so cheerful and upbeat, it will make you barf)- each month she hosts a Trend of the Month Link Up, tomorrow's is a Statement Necklace. Hope you don your fave and join the group, it's always a fun group that takes part!


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