A Very Baseball Weekend

Monday, October 15, 2012

Skirt: H&M...Tee: Gap...Cardigan: thrifted...Belt: Target...Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction via Buffalo Exchange...Bag: D&B via Buffalo Exchange...

I just can't keep away from this skirt... or this cardigan. I know I've only worn it in photos a few times this season, but evenings, weekends and all the in-between times it's made its presence very well known.

My guy and I attended the kick off BBQ for the Orange Show Gala yesterday afternoon. I looove the event- we all decorate as many of the centerpiece features as we can, people watch to our hearts' content, stuff ourselves silly with lemonade, potato salad and ribs... Not a bad way to spend the day!

Aaand, BASEBALL! Our beloved Tigers are putting in their fair share of hard work and doing pretty well so far this post-season. My guy would pee himself if they made it to the World Series (actually so would I). The last few years, the marketing campaign surrounding the team has been "Who's YOUR Tiger?" to give fans a sense of connection to their favorite player. My Tiger was originally Magglio Ordonez (who went out as a free agent last year, but is unofficially retired after a season or two of building injuries. If you want to see his rockstar Home Run that sent the Tigers to the ALCS series in 2006, click here. At least watch until seconds 12-15... his teammate was cllllleeeearly excited). My  current Tiger is the adorable and super talented Austin Jackson. Ummm, just check out this insane running-full-speed-and-he-never-looked-for-the-ball-but-still-caught-it clip:

What's your team? Who's your player? And just a heads up, if you have stories about football or hockey, I'll gladly read them... but I can't get excited. I can't ever track the ball/ puck, who has it, who's passed it, what's happening. I guess you can't like a sport you can't see what's going on or figure out :)


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