That Darn Cat

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pants: Gap Really Skinny...Tank: Target...Cardigan: Target...Blazer: Express (very old)....Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction...Necklace: Target...Shades: via TJ Maxx

I love houndstooth.  I would own a lot more of it, but you kind of notice when it gets worn, so perhaps a scarf, a cardigan and an 8' 0" sofa in my living room is plenty to satiate my need for houndstooth. Although that may not really be a great argument, since polka dots are pretty noticeable  too, and I have 5 pieces that I can remember off the top of my head.

The cat's been a real jerk lately. Not really mean spirited intentionally, but exceedingly nosy, helping herself to whatever snack is on the side table, rifling through Target bags, chewing on my hair, starting out a playtime batting adorably at my hand under a blanket but diving violently into grabbing my arm/ biting the bejeezies out of my wrist and stab-kicking with her back claws. The spazzed out and overzealous playtime is actually okay, she's fast-approaching 10 years old, so seeing her wound up is a good thing. But, really? You needed to lick a hole into the center of my cheese slice while I was trying to get the dog to eat a pill? You needed to submerge your whole paw into my icewater after I saw you playing in the toilet? You needed to swipe that magnificently orange cheeto from my stash and claim it for yourself? Jerk.

But then she makes up for it by seeking me out at night, snuggling and doing adorable things like this:

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  1. Houndstooth is amazing... Winter coat, Sperrys, blazer cuffs... Are a few of mine! I would love a skirt and a sweater or blouse to add to my collection!! :)
    -Laura Kingery


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