Almost Busted. Again.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Pants: Theory via Buffalo Exchange...Blouse: thrifted...Cardigan: Target...Bag: D&B via Buffalo Exchange...Shoes: Target...

Guess who was nearly caught taking photos (by, count 'em, FOUR neighbors)? I would have taken pictures last night before the sun went down, but I had to sit in the carport, in the shadows, for over 20 minutes before my path to the back yard was clear. Because I'm a wimp. Golden hour came and went and I took pictures with a way-too-high-for-comfort ISO and edited the crap out of them. They look poopy, I'm aware, and I apologize. Buuuut, I am so proud of how this blouse turned out and wanted to show off a little. I found it for way cheap and way oversized and took my first crack at altering a sheer, silky fabric. I took in about 1 1/2" on either side and sleeves, revised the side seams of the high-low hem to make a nice, easy angle. It took a little "doing" but I did it. Huzzah.

We have another night of doggy playdates lined up today- our morning walking shifts for our neighbor's dogs ended and were taken over by different neighbor, but we were on the schedule to do Wednesday and Friday evening... Which means the lady dogs are hanging out in our apartment for the evening! I'm telling ya, I need a menagerie. Dogs, guinea pigs, fish, kids, cats, geckos... (I might be best served by following my mom's pet-aqcuisition advice to keep down the numbers: "Only take pets home that match." She brought home a guinea pig once during my childhood simply because it was the same solid golden color as our golden retriever.) My guy wisely says "no" to extra critters.

Happiest Friday, you all! Have a great weekend.


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