Saturday Confession: Body Type

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A little admission to you all: I'm still figuring out how to dress my body type. It's been way over a year since I started this blog and, while it's been so good for me to 1. Shove myself out of my comfort zone 2. Go wild with colors, patterns, etc. 3. Realize that I really am a neutrals girl 4. Bond with pencil skirts in a big way... I am still struggling with how to properly address my body type. And that's because I'm not actually built the way I thought I was.

I've lived my young adult life confused. Petite sizing may fit better around my torso, but sleeves and inseams show off my wildly long limbs. I thought that perhaps I was a slim, 12-year-old-boyish, no-curves, malnourished J Crew model-esque body type (I am not malnourised). You know the one:

But my perception of myself is weirdly skewed from my actual body type. I came to realize that I have hips. Big ones for how little I am. And, while I'm well aware I don't have much goin' on up top, I'm  happy with my "girls". My ribcage and shoulders are seriously narrow, though. My knees are knobby but my legs are long. My thighs aren't particularly muscular. My natural waist is exceedingly small and much higher than I realized.

I am a narrow PEAR. Weird, huh?

This moment of realization last month led to my exorbitant wearing of pencil skirts. And a decrease in pants. Because, let's face it, how many times do you see wardrobe advice articles recommend that a pear shape should wear trousers that hit at the hip? Nada. But, nip in at the waist? Let's review my affinity for cinching on a skinny belt. Simple bottoms? Plain jersey pencil skirt. Details on the top half to balance? Scarf-a-palooza. And, yeah, I know I'm not a pear-pear, and I know I'm darn lucky to be both thin and have a natural love of veggies. But, it's nice to be able to pinpoint why I wrinkle my nose at most outfits with trousers or a fitted top and more voluminous bottoms.

It seems silly that it took so long and a conversation with my husband about whether or not I would be able to give birth naturally to a tiny person to figure out my body type. (BTW, it went like this- Me: I will not need a C-section whenever we have kids. My Guy: Dude, you're tiny and I was a 10 pounder. Me: Yeah, but I have my mom and grandma's birthing hips. *...Whooooah, I do have birthing hips...*) But it did take a silly conversation like that to let me see the reality of my build, and when it did indeed click, I feel like I've finally started better realizing both my own personal style and how to truly look my best.

What kind of "Oh, duh, of course," stuff have you missed for months on end? I sure do hope I'm not the only one with a massive information gap.


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