Blazers and Glue

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dress: Beijing tailor...Blazer: Gap...Belt: Target...Shoes: Nine West via Buffalo Exchange...Necklace: Target... Earrings: Banana Republic...Bag: D&B via Buffalo Exchange

A return to neutrals, and I like it better. Blech, yesterday was way too "loud" and I feel so much more like myself in stuff like this. Also, I bought this blazer over 3 years ago- it was the first thing I purchased when I started working at Gap part time and I was dirt poor. We'd just moved cross-country (again), had to spend all our monies on rent deposits, yearly vet bills, beginning-of-school fees with very little coming in while I was hunting for full time jobs in earnest. And it was marked down twice, with an extra percentage off, but still hovering around the $40 mark. Which I really didn't have, but it called to me. Big time. Good thing I listened, it's been a cherished work-horse item that keeps showing up every fall and winter. I have the worst time finding a good blazer, but the cropped silhouette, taupe-mushroom brown tweed and (for Gap off-the-rack) great fit were all right on. And I looove a good neutral layer.

In tragic news, I broke my camera. Nothing big, but the battery and memory card cover got swung too far backward when it was opened, so it bent and snapped off. I've got it pieced back together with glue, which seems like, assuming I got the fit tight enough, should work to keep it put back together. We'll see tomorrow when I pop the battery back in and try to close and lock the little flap. I'm feeling good about it. I've been known around Boss Lady's house as the "glue guru." Let's hope I live up to the name with repairing something of my own.

And, as always, I'm linking up with Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday!


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