Happy Birthday!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's someone's birthday. And he's awesome. 

Freezing cold 12 degree New Years Day 2008 trip to the Grand Canyon

Sampling the reading glasses selection together. 80's style

My Guy and his darling Bromance as Napoleon & Pedro. Amazing

I'll be honest, I don't know what this is, but our friends are the bomb.com

Our honeymoon. No joke, he spent the entirety of the week crabbing off a pier while wearing that hat and aviators.. 

I fell for the moody front man. How cute are they?

I love him!

My husband is kind of my favorite. I love his sense of humor, energy, inclusive nature. I love that, in so many ways, he's my exact opposite. He's extroverted, he's never mired in the details, he lives fully and cheerfully. I'm so proud of his academic drive and success, it's providing him with bigger and better opportunities in surprising ways! More than anything, he's my buddy. We've been pals since our groups of gradeschool friends merged in 7th grade, we've been dating since late sophomore year of high school, and made it through undergrad (Music Ed for him, Interior Design and Art History for me), grad school in AZ and his Doctoral work (including an extended 3 total years of teaching) on time and on top (I'm going to say it- he's had all A's since kindergarten. No joke.). We've managed to do a lot of growing up together, but always have stayed conscious of retaining our own sense of self. We choose to fight fair and set egos aside. After nearly 6 years of marriage and 11+ years together, I still get excited to spend my free time with him. And I think that says a lot. He's the fun to my spazz out. The sunny side of life to my spazz out. The encouraging shoulder to cry and snot on when I spazz out. We really are opposites in so many ways, but I couldn't be more grateful that he's my partner in life.

He really loves celebrating his birthday. And, because I bought him a new backpack as a gift (how awesomely lame and practical is that?), he deserves a little birthday shout out.

Happy Birthday, Rob. You really are freaking awesome.


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