Friday, October 19, 2012

Skirt: Target...Tee: H&M...Belt: thrifted...Shoes: Steve Madden...Scarf: via TJ Maxx...Shades: Coach via TJ Maxx...Bag: D&B via Buffalo Exchange...Bracelet: Target...Earrings: Banana Republic

Well, I'm "out there" to a bunch of longtime and current friends. After my birthday post, my husband linked it to facebook, and now I'm out there. Oh well.

My husband has actually been gone since Wednesday afternoon- one of his pieces was selected and played as a part of a pretty major New Music festival annually hosted by our undergrad university. His performance was yesterday (and it went reeeally well- the perfomers played it with a lot of energy, he said), He's helping to perform in a really large ensamble piece that will take place outside, there are more concerts scattered through the weekend. And he gets to pack in some significant family time, too! Not the least of which is doing breakfast with our godson and our dear friends tomorrow morning. Little (ha!) Quinn is ONE today! He missed being my Guys's birthday buddy by only 1 1/2 hours. I got to spend a bunch of time with our friends when I went home in July for my grandparents' birthday bash. He was huge then, I can only imagine how big and silly he is now! As a proud godmother, I have to say this kiddo is exceedingly cute.

I'm pretty scattered today, but the moral of the story is that my Guy had an awesome birthday- excellent performance of his piece, the Tiger trounced the Yankees, which sends them into the World Series, he gets to hang out with his best girlfriend from college tonight, gets a homemade breakfast with our friends Saturday, and gets a little taste of fall (it still isn't really here in Houston).

Happy Friday, you all!


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