Monday, November 19, 2012

As promised! The Orange Show Gala is always a big costume-fest based on whatever the theme is for the year- Angels and Demons, Kaleidoscope (70's rock), Rockabilly... I went with a modern spin on 50's vibes this year (mostly because a rockabilly halter dress would have made me cold and crabby). Staff was asked to wear jeans and a white top with an orange flower so we would be identifiable, but since I wasn't really staff, I wore something a little more ladylike to be a more lovely representative for Boss Lady during the party. When it came time to do auction check out, I swapped my wardrobe and joined the ranks.

There's something kinda nice about using normal wardrobe pieces to create fun new looks. Like that blouse. And cardigan. And jeans. And kicky kitten heels. Okay, the skirt is kind of limited to special occasions and vintage costuming, but look how amazing it is with the quilted finish and appliqued butterflies.


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