Monday, November 26, 2012

Skirt: Target...Button Down: Target...Sweater: Gap...Belt: stolen from sister in Middle School...Shoes: MaxStudio via DSW...Trench: Target...Bag: D&B via Buffalo Exchange

Nothin' better than a thick leather belt. Oh, yeah, there is. One that you've stolen from your little sister. Which has been broken in to perfection. That you used to wear around your hips. Because you stole it in Junior High. I think this silly belt would make it onto my top 20 most valued belongings list. I don't wear it often, but every time I do, it's a good day.

Also on my list of Most Valuable Possessions are the first Christmas gift my brother made for me (it's a drawing of a ladybug with a photo of him in a ladybug costume, laminated and with magnets on it), my pearl earrings thoughtfully selected by my sister when she first moved to Beijing, a collection of Hull Brownware from my grandma (I drink out of the enormous "root beer mug" at least three times a week), a tee shirt and hideous wool blend sweater from the 80's from each of my parents, Essie In Stiches polish, my cotton blanket (each family member has been gifted one!), my cedar chest/coffee table... some good stuff.

What's on your list of favorite possessions? I love knowing what is near and dear to people, like a litmus test of some sort... and there's usually a fun story behind it, too!

I just found a new Monday LinkUp- #YOLOmondays over at Still Being Molly. It looks like it will be a fun, uplifiting cocktail of links. Looking forward to it!


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