So Close

Friday, November 2, 2012

Jeans: Gap Perfect Boot...Blouse: thrifted...Blazer: Gap...Shoes: via Buffalo Exchange...Bag: D&B via Buffalo Exchange...Pearls: Beijing vendor...Shades: via TJ Maxx

Hahahahahahahhaha, even though this outfit is more of the simple same... my face in the first photo shows what's up. I'm tired, it's cold, we're walking right up to deadlines and flipping them the bird, people are clinging to information, thinking that if they give us the scoop only a day prior to the Gala that everything is okay. Nope. We went to print on Monday. Don't get ticked that your item isn't prominently featured in the catalog.

ONLY 48 MORE HOURS OF THE MADNESS! Catch you all on the flipside. I can't wait to get totally adjusted and really learn my new role for my new job. Full time non-profit gig for the WIN!

Oh, and my costume for the Gala tomorrow is adorable. I'll show you guys on Sunday! Thanks for hanging around while I chatter nonsense at you all (and I CAN'T WAIT to start really reading your blogs in earnest again. I've missed you all!)


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