Family Time

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I have no photo to post today... It's been a pretty packed week, my husband came back to town sick and pathetic, I strolled into work and faced a stolen laptop incident (not any of our active work computers, thank goodness, just an older laptop in need of repair... the criminal is gonna be mad when they find out). And I spent my evening avoiding my laptop, eating crappy lo mein and snuggling my blanket-wrapped dog, so there's that excuse. Anyway, I'm also excited and distracted since my sister is coming into town tomorrow! From Phoenix! The only loser member of my family who still hasn't seen our Houston home in 3 1/2 years! (Of course, this is giving my dad credit for his Sunday at 5:00 pm arrival and Monday at 8:30 departure a few years ago... we still managed to do dinner with my Guy and Bromance and see a friend's string quartet play at a gallery... not bad for an 18 hour visit.) We're going to eat at all my favorite restaurants, walk around our neighborhood, hang out with our Houston buddies since there's already a friend day Saturday going on. So, this sister visit comes right on the heels of my guy getting to see my other sister. So we can giggle and see pictures and be jealous of that visit together. Aaaand, my mom called earlier in the week to inform me that their hotel is booked- they are officially spending three nights in town after Christmas on their way back from NM to OH. Big, fat, family win this month.

What a strange week it's been. I'm so glad to have my Guy home, even if he's a snot faucet. I don't usually miss him when he's on trips, but this one was different. I'm just happy to jump out of that funk with a sister visit.


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