Sister Visit

Monday, December 10, 2012

Pants: Gap Slim Cropped...Sweater: Target...Scarf: mystery asian textile...Shoes: Circa Joan and David

Heeey, who has two thumbs and ran out of time to take photos last Friday? This guuuuy. Sorry for the crappy light, terrible background and awful framing, I just really liked the sweater and scarf combo.

So, my sister was here and we packed a lot of good stuff in over the course of a short 18 hour trip. We visited the Orange Show and I was able to introduce her to some of the lovely board members who are currently working on mosaics for the memory wall in a new park next door. We ate at my favorite burger place- Lucky Burger (we didn't decide to go for a side of fried rice, though). We re-switched my silly lamp after the rocker switch crapped out. We left my sickie husband (the clinic doc told him his tests showed that he really, really, really has the flu) to rest and went to friend day where, shocker of not-at-all-shockers, she fit right into the ridiculous humor of our friends. And this morning, we got doughnuts and kolaches, sipped on coffee and caught up, and wrapped up the visit with a trip to the Rothko Chapel and Menil Collection. Goooood use of our time together.

I'm up and away early to help herd kiddos in and out of the University's Opera House for a special field trip! It's so much fun to see them all excited and engaged by a pretty darn "traditional" art form. Keep your fingers crossed that I get a few good photos!


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