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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Skirt: Banana Republic...Sweater: J Crew Factory...Coat: via Piperlime...Tights: Gap...Shoes: Biviel via DSW...Earrings: Old Navy...Shades: Coach via TJ Maxx...Bag: Longchamp knock-off

I was rushing yesterday morning, so I got really crappy photos of this look, but holy poop, the fit of the whole thing was awesome. I usually avoid this skirt because it isn't a tapered pencil, it just drops straight down from my hips, and my personal opinion is that it looks less than stellar at my knobby knees. Duh, Kate. Tights. Solve that ridiculous problem with tone-on-tone tights. And back into the consistant rotation this skirt will go. Anyway, the long, slim, lean pairing contrasted with a fuzzy turtleneck and my favorite makeseverythinglookfashionableandelegant winter coat and I felt ready and confident for my second Board Meeting.

Speaking of- we hosted the meeting at an Elementary school that does a really amazing arts-based after school program every Wednesday evening. We saw one of our staff members doing Djembe drumming and another awesome art teacher doing blind contour drawing with the kids (watch the video and give this a whirl- it's a difficult skill to cultivate). Fun fact: teaching kids to hear and replicate rhythm and drumming patterns reinforces pattern recognition. What else is auditory pattern intensive? Reading. Yup- focus on patterns and rhythm with your kids. It will help with their comprehension and reading skills. No joke. How cool is that?!


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