The Sad Truth

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pants: Zara...Blouse: Banana Republic Outlet...Cardigan: Target...Shoes: Circa Joan and David via DSW...Bag: Naturalizer...Necklace: Target...Bracelet: thrifted

100% honesty? I spent last evening missing my husband (who feels like he rocked his interview, by the way. We'll hear about decisions between the middle of the month and the middle of January) and watching movies on YouTube. Mostly Disney movies. Okay, just Dumbo. Twice. And I cried my eyes out watching Mrs. Jumbo waiting for, no, craving her baby as all the other mothers received their delivery from the storks. And a tear rolled down my face when he crashed into the pyramid of elephants and waved his sad little broken flag out of the flap in the fallen big top. And cried like a sap again when he goes to see her in confinement. Three themes emerge here: 1. I cry too much. 2. I need to be a mother. Yesterday. 3. Disney, in the early 40's, could illustrate more emotion and sorrow and in a faceless elephant trunk than most modern day actresses will emote over the entirety of their career. Pathetic.

Just keeping it real, y'all. P.S. I did not actually hang up and put away any clothing that's been sorted for three days now. Like I said, just keeping it real.


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