Monday, December 3, 2012

Jeans: H&M...Sweater: F21...Shoes: Steve Madden...Clutch: grift from Katie...Bracelets: thrifted

First Holiday-ish season party! On Saturday, our friends hosted a ton of people for a night of eating Zeppelins. If you've never heard of them I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. I'll tell you about them in a minute. First up, please excuse the lousy cell phone photos of these awesome jeans (they have a double side seam and I bought them two sizes up so they wouldn't be skin tight) and absurdly awesome gold sweater. Grounded with cognac leather shoes and clutch, I think it was just the right balance for the holidays. Oh, and the sweater was oversized- this gets relevant in a minute.

Zeppelins. The simplified description is a Lithuanian potato dumpling. Imagine preparing for around 20 people. Peel around 70 pounds of potatoes. 70. Pounds. Juice the potatoes, setting aside the pulp. Pour out the potato juice once it's settled a little. Scoop the starch out of the bottom of the bowl and mix with the pulp. Now take a patty of the super starchy potato and put a ball of sausage inside, covering it completely with potato. You should have a potato-shaped potato dumpling. Boil for around 45 minutes.  Top with bacon and sour cream and stuff your face.

If you are able to make it through three Zeppelins, you're a beast. I made it through only one this year (they were oversized, for sure). If you get through four, you've tied the record. And if you over-do it, they'll sit like a starchy rock in your stomach. Just in case, I wore a forgiving top to disguise my potato-baby at the end of the meal. Aaaand, for fun, here's a song in Lithuanian about the Zeppelins.


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