Chilled and Crabby

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jeans: H&M...Button Down: J Crew...Sweater: Zara...Coat: BB Dakota via Piperlime...Shoes: Naturalizer..Bag: Longchamp knockoff

Hey, remember this sweater? That little trick was a great discovery!

It's been darn cold around here these last few days. Which sucks, but I'll survive the trek in to my office on chilly mornings and late night dog walks with bundled layers and fluffy socks stuffed into flip flop sandals (gosh, I really need a pair of pull-on boots...). The big, fat negative is being home in the evenings. Our apartment is really old and drafty, we're on the first floor above a crawlspace, thiiiin subflooring and wood floors. Non-energy efficient windows transfer a lot of the chill in. I love the character of our place, but brrrr! Even the rugs and draperies we have don't help a ton. Only a window AC/Heater in the living room and crappy space heaters in our bedroom. If we try to run them both on high to heat up our room for the night while we're watching tv, we're guaranteed to trip the breaker. Which we have to travel down the complex's hallway toward the parking lot out back to reset.

This is really only a "thing" because I was feeling especially chilled last night. I spent as much time as I could coaxing any critter that would get near me to stay for a snuggle. Thank goodness Miles and Eddie were both feeling cold, too.


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