Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Coat: BB Dakota via Piperlime...Cardigan: Target...Skirt: Target...Scarf: Target...Tights: Gap...Shoes: Naturalizer...Pearls: Beijing vendor...Bag: Longchamp

Pleated Poppy What I Wore Wednesday link up. And a little Work it Wednesday over at A Little Bit of Lacquer,  you know, because it's Wednesday.

It's been so inappropriately cold and drizzly, I haven't wanted or been able to get photos of a few of my outfits... until now. I felt like such a dud, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get my flash to trigger, even if I popped it up. Duh, Kate, wrong setting. Read the manual to figure out what you're doing wrong before you harumph about trying to hold still for 1/4 second exposure times rather than using flash. Moral of the story, I got the flash to work, it's not grainy as crap (like when I go for a 400 ISO to make up for the slow exposure), the semigloss paint gleaming in the flash on my door is a small nuisance compared to freezing my buns off at dark, shadowy 8 am. Camera flash, you saved my frozen toes.

And do I care that I spent a day in way-too-loud-and-graphic black and whites? Not even a little. I haven't been loving this cardigan- I bought it and thought "it's so me! Houndstooth, black and white..." and then realized it's awfully noticable and it's not a great outer layer if left unbuttoned. It's kind of an awkward length and a little dumpy worn that way. Did it make its way into the possible donate pile? Yes, it did. Has it been redeemed? Yes, it has. And it's all because I realized it can be tucked into my tights, smoothed out under a skirt and worn as a mere top, not just as an accented cardigan. Some days my brain farts and creativity-crap-outs surprise me. And then I spring back. A little.


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