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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jacket: BB Dakota via Piperlime...Dress: Target (very, very old)...Tights: Gap...Shoes: Biviel via DSW...Scarf: Target

I'm glad it's a short week (does that make me seem lazy?) since there's so much going on post-holiday. We have to dive, full force, into Gala planning, underwriter packages to be written and sent out, lists to assemble and things to track. Whatever. It's not much to talk about.

My computer and I had a fight yesterday. It used to be My Guy's laptop, lucky turd gets all the good techy stuff, and he had a system for music (60 days worth of music) which included saving the actual files for his iTunes entries on a separate external hardrive. Moral of the story is that I wanted to take some music off of my phone to free up a little extra space and wound up inadvertently deleting everything. My feelings would have been hurt and I would have gotten angry, but the only real loss is Regina Spektor's first album on CD only available through her website. Which I have and I'll just take to my car. The rest of everything I sing to daily has been transferred to a Spotify playlist. And I'll survive the annoyance. So, does that really count as a fight if it was just a "Dang. Shoulder Shrug" type of thing?


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