Like a Glove

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jeans: H&M...Sweater: Target...Scarf: Target...Boots: thrifted...Bag: Longchamp knockoff

Have I sung the praises of these boots yet? They're the perfect cognac color, not too high that they look like scary stripper boots, not too short that they look like cowboy boots, and they legitimately fit my very narrow calves. I spent the better part of three years reading every review for boots I could find, willing to cough up money for a well-fitting pair. And then I found them while thrifting. Thank you, clueless Arizona resident, for passing along these gems. True, I had to spend a little to have them re-soled since the leather sole was brittle and crumbling away, but the money was well worth it for a pair of just-my-style beauties.

Seriously. No gapping at the calf. Even women with lithe, beautiful runners' legs have a hard time finding that kind of perfect fit. And you better believe I'll find a spot in my duffle for them during the move. I'mma keep these suckers forevah.


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