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Monday, March 4, 2013

I just realized that I'm blogging a lot less out of laziness. Taking photos on the way out the door became a whole lot less fun once the dumb spare garbage bins got stashed in front of my aluminum siding backdrop outside. And getting home from work at 7 or after almost every night isn't super condusive to getting excited about non-family/neighbor/friend/critter time, ie. uploading photos.

And then I realized, nope, it's not even quite those excuses. I just reeeally don't want to disturb my lap cat. She has been a permanent fixture all winter. And when there's a doggy behind wedged close into you, it's just too cute and sweet and snuggly to move. So, if you've wondered where I've gone, the answer is a "creating a butt-print fossil on the sofa with my animals."

Oh, and what the hey, here's a look from my failed attempt at getting to a theater to see a show with a freebie ticket, but then getting clogged in construction, missing what maaay have been an entrance to parking, getting stuck on an entrance ramp to the freeway, getting off the freeway far far from the dumb theater, and getting waved past the secondary parking I knew how to get to once I finally got back to it. Already 10 minutes late and still not parked? Forget it. I wasn't meant to see Man of La Mancha.

Pants: Zara...Sweater: F21...Scarf: Target...Jacket: Armani Exchange via Buffalo Exchange...Shoes: Target


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