Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pants: Zara...Sweater: Target...Scarf: Target...Coat: Armani Exchange...Shoes: Target...Bag: Longchamp knockoff

I'll quit complaining soon, but geez, Louise, taking work home even after I stayed until 7:30? I think that means the office is severely understaffed. I also think I'm glad that this position is finite; even if I have the potential to learn a lot, I don't get a chance to concentrate and learn, so I'm half-assing my way through grants writing and reporting, making crap up about programs, being told after a 3 minute flip-through by the Executive Director that it's all "a little off," and then she re-does it herself. Um, that's not giving me any training, guidence, or a clue. And if I'm asking questions about the program I've never seen or read more than a short paragraph about (written by the prior super space-cadet Director), I'm probably not going to have a great understanding of what I'm pulling out of my pocket and written output. Ugh. Moral of the story: this is not my best fit position, I was promised training and received none, I'm dropping balls because I don't know any better. But I'm not there forever, so I'll buck up and do my best. Four months of madness won't kill me, right?

And it's really too bad because the organization does seriously awesome things! I don't want to wreck the financial standing of a 56 year institution because I don't have the experience or focus to put together solid grants. Sigh.

Downer posts will end... NOW!


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