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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Skirt: Target...Sweater: Banana Factory...Jacket: Armani Exchange via Buffalo Exchange...Shoes: Naturalizer...Scarf: Target...Belt: Gap...Bag: Longchamp knockoff

Well, Rob's first draft of his dissertation orchestra piece was due a few weeks ago... and he has a March 13 draft two deadline. And an April 3 dissertation defense. Eeeee! Things are moving right along 'round here. I don't see him much these days, since he's working late into the nights inputting notes into his computer software from his handwritten first draft. And that crap is TIME CONSUMING. I would feel bad for him, but I'm too busy working way too late myself and spending the rest of the evenings forgetting to eat, hanging out with the beagle and lap cat, and watching YouTube videos.

I'm also going to give downtown Houston and the Theater District another whirl tomorrow with Rob. As a 20th century music geek, percussionist, and dance accompanist, he's loved Stravinsky's Rite of Spring for a really long time. And Houston Ballet is staging it. Can you believe it?! This is absolutely a perk of living in this awesome city with a thriving arts community. I'm going to have to pick out a fancy outfit ahead of time, I just know I'll go brain dead the second I peek into my closet to get ready.

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