When Lazy Turns Out to Be Okay

Friday, February 15, 2013

I don't think I've spent a weekend not in one of these sweaters. They came and went in Target a month ago, I scooped up four colors and aaaaalmost returned them, because 4 seemed superfluous. But, I didn't, and I have not yet regretted having an excess. Do they feel a little cheap? Yes. Have I sewn a seam or two back together? Yup. Have they snagged a little and forced me to rework the yarn back into the weave? A time or two. But they are slouchy without being dumpy, heavy without being stiflingly hot, cover my butt with the modest hi-low hem. They look decent enough with a pair of skinny crops and a scarf to hide my late mornings, it's easy to do weekend wear in one.

I wore the blush pink one yesterday for Valentine's Day. I did not take a photo. So, here's the ivory one taking its part in the \ deterioration of a weekend look: run coffee and Target type errands. Get home, yell, "Forget it!" and change into crappy jeans and chacos. I think at around 6 pm on Saturday, I gave up on the jeans and went for fluffy socks and stretchy pants. Again, I did not take a photo.

Guess what we're off to do this weekend? Yearly Memphis meet-up weekend. A week or so late. See you guys on Tuesday, I'll be too busy enjoying my family and sleeping in the car while Rob drives the 2 am shift before I go to work on Monday to care much about scheduling a post. I'm sure you'll forgive me for prioritizing family.


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