Everything is Beautiful at the Ballet

Monday, March 11, 2013

Dress: ASOS...Scarf: Target...Necklace: Target...Belt: swiped from a skirt...Earrings: Target...Shoes: Naturalizer

Oy, Flickr and I had a fight. Sorry it's taken me literally days to get this post up and rollin'.

So, fancy wear. Worn in our nosebleed seats at the Houston Ballet performance of The Rite of Spring. HOLY CRAP, such a great performance; the raw, carnal energy was palpable, which I loved. I really wish Rob had let me take a photo of him, he was in his normal going-someplace-gotta-look-presentable man candy getup. Because when you're paying $7 for parking, you really ought to take the time to look nice.

I love long, tighter dresses like this one. And I love that, even though the colors of the dress itself are all summery and fresh, a kick of black makes it look chic. Plus, there's sleeves. And I prefer a little arm coverage, especially when I'm squeezing the rest of myself into a hip and thigh hugging ensamble.


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