St. Patty's '13

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jeans: Gap...Tee: J Crew Factory...Shoes: Chacos...Headscarf: thrifted...Necklace: Etsy

This headscarf has become my St. Patrick's Day tradition. It has green cherry motif on it. No joke. And since I legit love dark dark dark beers all the time, Guinness isn't really a big deal for me, so I have to find another point of thrill for the "holiday." This silly little scarf is it.

I got to spend a lot of the weekend hanging out with Homer, our neighbors' basset hound (up in the first photo). He and Miles are besties, but they wear one another out FAST. They spent several hours of togetherness mouth breathing on each other rather than really wrestling because they ran around nonstop for the first 45 minutes. He's only about 6 months old, but he's getting darn big. I really wanted to bring both pups to meet up with the Beer Golf Tournament on campus, but Homer is a little too much of a hound dog: distracted on long walks by his nose and lazy as crap. I would have spent lots of the time on campus literally carrying him around. Nope. That's 50 pounds or more.

So, Miles got to go. And Rob's Bromance brought me back the following tee from his recent trip to Ireland. Onto which I fumbled/caught/paddleball tossed/caught again/fumbled a cupcake into my shirt. With the full palm of my hand. You better believe I ate the rest of the cupcake mush. Miles licked the whipped cream frosting part for me. Day: made for my chow-hound.



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