Stolen from the Boys

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jeans: Gap Always Skinny...Button down: Target dude's...Trench: Target...Shoes: Steve Madden

I remember it distinctly... Christmas eve, my family did a cross-country and international webchat to exchange gifts and my darling sister had swiped the perfect buffalo plaid shirt from her boyfriend to wear as festive Hong Kong Christmas morning coffee attire. And, well, since I can't EVER steal anything from Rob (a 6'4" frame doesn't lend itself to shared wardrobe items with a 5'4" shrimp), I knew I was in for a hunt for a clearance dude flannel of my very own. I liked the small cobalt and black check, but ultimately decided it looked like a bruise. So, here we are, in a weekend errand outfit with perfectly oversized man-shirt in girly-colored plaid (no wonder so many made it to clearance) and nearing-death jeans. Total honesty? The trench and real shoes were only a fraction of the day... the majority was spent in Chacos and with one sleeve flapping and unfurled.


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