Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dress: BCBG MaxAzaria via Buffalo Exchange...Belt: thrifted...Shoes: MaxStudio via DSW...Earrings: Beijing market...Bag: Longchamp knockoff

Well, it's happened. Bri Marie tagged me in 5 Things and peer pressure took a firm grip, so here I go. I've already done a few random fact posts, but I promise not to cheat and swipe from the archives.

1. I'm an Elvis Fan. I love his music and kind of despise the jacka-- he was in real life, so, I guess that means I'm a fan of Elvis' legacy and the idea of Elvis. I sing "Can't Help Falling in Love" to my critters all the time.

2. Beaches? Yeah, they're nice. But, I'm a mountain lover at heart. There's something wonderful about feeling so small, looking up from the foot of a mountain. If someone said, "Hey, here, have this 600 sq. ft. house with an awesome view of those mountains to live in with your whole family," I'd say "Sweet! bunkbeds!" and enjoy the heck out of the view.

3. I have been collecting scars on my left knee and I kind of love it. My best friend's husband rocketed a horseshoe directly into my kneecap (no joke, 20+ foot bounce) and it bruised and swelled up immediately. The incident of the metal pedicab gash, the Beijing communal sink wash-off, and bandaid made from tissue and coffee lid tape. And then the time I fell off my bike and had to pedal my bloody stump home since I did it in Hermann Park. Less than a year ago.

4. One of my very favorite things is to host big, enormous dinners for friends. Cooking dinner for 8 and getting to absorb the energy of big group conversation from the kitchen is the best. One level better? An old-fashioned potluck (legit, if I could eat a buffet catered by octogenarians and invite all my friends, that would just about be the best thing ever).

5. I did a lot of ballet as a kid. I was a mouse for 11 years in the Nutcracker. I'm not joking. And when we did a version of Alice in Wonderland, I was the Walrus. Let that sink in. My skinny butt was the Walrus. Momma didn't donate enough extra for a good role. You can't make this crap up. At 14 1/2, I had my first, horrible run-in with petty politics. And quit soon after.

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Overkill list? Maybe. Don't care. Hop on it, crew! And hop over to Pleated Poppy... because it's What I Wore Wednesday!


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