Prized Possessions and Other Favorites

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am not doing so hot this week. I messed another funny detail up AGAIN at work. Thank goodness my boss knows I am doing my best, as far as working for crazy socialites goes, I have an awesome gig. It's busy all the time and I see glimpses of old age forgetfulness, but she is a very loyal person and I was lucky enough to win the trust of her and her family. Aaaanyway, I failed on errand running in a wildly short time period and worked a very very long day. The two are not related, but it was my Wednesday reality.

Thank goodness I wore my feel-good workday outfit. Crop pants for carting things around and climbing ladders, stripes because I'm addicted, cobalt lightweight wool cardi because I would live in wool if I could and pearls because, who am I kidding, they make me feel pretty. These earrings make me miss my little sister, she bought them for me in Beijing at her friend's booth in the craziest haggling market known to man.

Striped tee: Banana Outlet...Cardigan: Gap...Pants: Zara...Shoes: Naturalizer

I would be very tempted to say that these are some of my prized possessions. I know they aren't fantastic quality pearls, but I love that they're carefully selected by my sister, the grey string was a gift to self that I purchased from my sister's friend and the gal also met my brother and mom when they were in Beijing a few years ago. They came from a special place and are connected to special people.

What are some of your prized possesions?  I think I feel a special post coming on with a few more of mine. Can't wait to hear what you all have to say!

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  1. Lady, your stripes kill me! Your job sounds fascinating, and a little nerve-wracking. How awesome to be surrounded by beautiful things, though!

    One of my prized possessions is my pearl ring. It's tradition in my family for the girls to get a pearl ring on their 16th birthday. My mom is really particular about picking them out - mine is kind of Victorian looking, while my sister's is more modern. There is a lot of cheesy symbolism, too. :)


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