Thriftin' the Night Away

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

 I have been on a thrifting rampage. While the tall-man-of-the-house is away... I spend hours and many dollars at thrift stores. Here's my loot:

 Emerald/ Shamrock green pencil skirt (I plan to throw a few darts in the back and slim the bottom of the sides so it's a little straighter) and a collection of silk scarves- little blood red silk pocket square with hand rolled edges, an Olga Greco 80's fab red and navy silk scarf, and a soft, funny, 70's inspired no-name little square of happy.

Adorable knee length micro-houndstooth pleated skirt and a possible Missoni tunic (does anyone recognize that white label?). The tunic is a little awkward in length, a little swingy at the bottom, but it is daaaang cute tucked into skirts.

 A new Target orange cardi with !!newly altered!! funny floral blouse with my thrifted fave find: the navy lightweight pencil skirt of perfection. It fits beauifully, has hanger loops all over the place, deep pockets, and the most awesome concealed pocket zipper/ side swoop button closure in the world. I will photograph the workings tonight, it's amazing.

I liked it so well, I had it immediately dry cleaned and am wearing it today. And, I'll give you two guesses about why I'm so distracted and laughing so hard while looking into the other room in these photos.
Skirt: Thrifted...Blouse: thrifted and altered...Cardigan: Target...Shoes: Biviel via DSW...Bag: Cart vendor in Beijing (faux Tod's)...Belt: Thrifted

Nail color: Sephora by OPI "I don't bite"...Necklace: DIY
I'm so happy to have this little taste of fall, it's so much more pleasant to walk the dog in the mornings. See you all mañana!


  1. Love that green pencil skirt! I've been looking for one for a while now and still haven't found it...

    And your outfit just screams "fall" to me. Perfection.

    14 Shades Of Grey

  2. That top and cardigan do look awesome together. And I do that all the time, lay out my outfits on my bed when I'm brainstorming.


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