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Friday, November 18, 2011

It got chilly around here! I walked the dog and was cold, but I figured it would be up to 75+ again today. Nope. 65. I was not prepared. At least I had the good sense a few weeks ago to leave a cozy sweater over my chair (No, it doesn't look good with my ensemble, and no, I will not show you). Also, check out my broken-blowdryer, missing hairbrush hair. Nice, huh?

Skirt: thrifted...Blouse: Tucker for Target via Buffalo Exchange...Cardigan: thrifted...Shoes: Steve Madden...Necklace: Thrifted

Day 17 of 30 Days Hath November: My family.
I have been pumped about this one all week. My family is the bomb. From left to right: Momma, Sissy S, Daddio, Brother P, me, my Guy, Sissy A, Grandma and Grandpa. This was our Christmas week Family Vaca two years ago. It's a tiny island on the southern tip of North Carolina and has been a frequent vacation spot for years (Including our wedding and week-long familymoon in two houses).

Here's the details:
Mommy is wonderfully warm, artistically inclined and the most thoughtful, inclusive person in my world. I admire her positivity. Daddio is the king of dad humor, handy as crap, dedicated to a fault and loyal loyal loyal. His opinions and guidance are always the best bet. Sissy S blossomed from quiet middle sister into an adventurous traveller with a thirst for knowledge and new experiences (she's the sis who's lived in Beijing for years). I feel like we're still getting to know one another as adults and it's fun. Sissy A lives in Phoenix and is my sister that I talked about yesterday. She was so obstinate and independent as a kid, imagine my surprise and joy when we spent two years living just two hours apart in Arizona and I discovered how quirky and chill she became as an adult. Brother P was adopted at age 5 from China (we thought for sure we would get an adopted sis, SURPRISE!). We are birthday buddies, 10 years apart. He and I text back and forth all the time, talking about girls, his aspirations and goals with college coming up. His interests are diverse and exciting. I can't wait to see him grow. Grandpa is the cutest old man I know, he's sharp and funny and used to draw pen and ink drawings of buxom ladies. I bet your grandpa isn't that cool. Grandma taught me to sew and is so generous with her time. She also makes some of the best German food I've ever tasted. Me and my guy, well, you know us already. Isn't my family cute? I'm lucky to have them!


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